Adam Naseem Hamed
Adam Naseem Hamed

Adam Naseem Hamed: The Cub Comes Out of the Lion’s Den

Khababeer – Special –

Journalist and sports analyst Mohammed Al-Ouli commented on the launch of the career of British boxer Adam Naseem Hamed, the son of former world champion Naseem Hamed, on his account on the social networking site “Facebook”.

Adam Naseem Hamed


Al-Ouli wrote: “Adam Naseem Hamed.. This cub that roars in the lion’s den.. And the journey has begun.. A violent journey with a ring that ignites with burning fights like embers.. The first step ended in peace.. And the thousand-mile journey remains long and complex and full of patience and challenges.”

Naseem Hamed

Al-Ouli continued: “I used to see boxing rings as the preserve of thieves and bandits from the masses.. The American Muslim boxer Muhammad Ali Clay came.. He turned the ring from a lane and a fight and a beating into a fine art.. Then the British Naseem Hamed followed in his footsteps.. He was hovering like a butterfly and stinging like a bee.. Just like Clay.. His fist was a hurricane of strong wind that exploded the faces of the opponents from all directions.”


Al-Ouli praised Naseem Hamed’s performance and intelligence in the ring, saying: “He used to play the game of temptation with his opponents.. He would make them think that he was within reach.. Then he would come to you from Saba with the certain news.. He was truly amazing in his psychological warfare.. He would give you sweetness from the tip of his tongue.. Then he would dodge you like a fox.”

British boxer

Al-Ouli expressed his desire to follow the career of Adam Naseem Hamed, saying: “Adam the cub.. He came out of the lion’s den.. He measured his first steps accurately.. But in a violent world where the strongest survive.. He has to build with his fists a glory that begins where his father left off.. Adam.. He moved my feelings again towards his violent play that I reject for my poetic nature far from all languages of violence.. And yet I will monitor the vibrations of Adam’s beginning with a sense of poet.. Asking with the tongue of Al-Mutanabbi: A new Eid, O Adam.. How did you return, O Eid, to the boxing rings..?”

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