Bellingham Saves Real Madrid from Defeat and Angers Ancelotti

By journalist and sports analyst Mohammed Al-Awlaqi

In a difficult match for Real Madrid, the team put pressure on itself from the beginning. It was very important for the team to win, even if they didn’t play perfectly.



Real Madrid was fortunate to have the explosive and passionate young newcomer, Jude Bellingham, whose strong influence on the mentality of his teammates was essential. Bellingham also scored his fourth goal in La Liga, even though he is not a regular striker.

Carlo Ancelotti was not happy after Rodrigo missed a penalty kick. He made a strange statement, saying that Luka Modric was supposed to take the penalty kick. Ancelotti was unable to contain his anger.


This statement is dangerous and strange because it indicates that the coach himself does not have control over the players. If Celta Vigo had won the match, Rodrigo’s missed penalty kick would have caused countless problems in the locker room.


Real Madrid was lucky twice against Celta Vigo. First, Bellingham scored the goal that extinguished the fire of the penalty kick controversy. Second, the impact of their new goalkeeper, Kepa, was perfect.

Celta de Vigo

There are clear issues happening behind Ancelotti’s back that need to be addressed and dealt with firmly. Otherwise, his fate will be the same as the white bull.

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